Vertical Electric Injection Molding Machine

●  Double cylinder design reduces injection unit distance.
●  Ion nitrided essential components-barrel,screw etc. ensure lasting life.
●  Easy-adjustable and reliable Multi steps injection pressure and speedcontrol. 
●  Steel bushes have a hardness of HV800 for wear resistances. 
●  Auto-lubrication system is provided to assure the constant lubrication of the toggle mechanism. 
●  Multi-stroke hydraulic ejector ensures positive ejection of product and enables unmanned production with or without the use of a robotic arm. 
●  Differential hydraulic circuit shortens cycle time and saves energy. 
●  Low pressure mold protection system was used to avoid mold damage or excessive wear. 


Plastic Injection Machine

                                                Horizontal injection machine  <30~700 Tons : 80 Set>



                                                        Double injection machine  <150~200Ton : 6 Set>




                                                              Vertical injection machine  <80Ton : 8 Set >




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  • ABS Injection

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